Affinity Loss Prevention Services, otherwise known as ALPS, is a part of Affinity Worldwide, a constellation of companies created to empower and support investors in the residential real estate industry. After years of reviewing thousands of loss reports submitted through National Real Estate Insurance Group’s residential real estate insurance program, ALPS is well positioned to provide quality information and educational pieces to Investors, Property Managers and Tenants so they can be better informed about their insurance coverage, understand how insurance works as a part of their overall risk management plan and become aware of the many risks that exist in the residential real estate investing industry.

ALPS delivers best practices information to Investors, Property Managers and Tenants, that if followed lead to:

  • Safer living environments for tenants
  • Greater ability to stay current with regular maintenance
  • Reduced likelihood of larger and more costly repairs
  • Increased safety for tenants and their guests, reducing injuries on the property and potential lawsuits
  • Less hassle resulting from damage to rental, renovation and vacant units
  • Reduction of lost rental income
  • Reduction of non-covered losses
  • Reduced claim filings, which could cause higher premiums or lost coverage
  • Knowing what to do if a loss is suffered (Mitigation) 
  • Avoidance of preventable losses in the residential real estate investing industry

ALPS’ commitment is to help prevent avoidable losses and we accomplish this mission through research and development of educational programs and materials in various media (books, pamphlets, checklists, videos, presentations, certifications, etc.) that promote open discussions and encourage investors and property managers to share their learned experiences.

We also provide guidance to tenants encouraging safety and helping them to recognize instances where they need to communicate issues to their Property Manager.

With this information readily available to them in entertaining formats, Investors, Property Managers and Tenants are able to make informed decisions and take positive steps in risk avoidance and mitigation.   

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