Frozen pipes, falling trees and cooking accidents cause hundreds of thousands of dollars in damage and lost profits for real estate investors each year. The good news is that many of these losses can be prevented or their impacts severely lessened.

The ALPS team wants to help you sidestep potential pitfalls so you can spend your time focusing on achieving your goals and enjoying life.

We do that by sharing seasonally-relevant tips in our blog posts, developing checklists and educational materials and introducing you to products that can support your daily efforts to prevent losses.

We also want you to interact with us! Post a comment, review a product and share your successes so the whole REI community can benefit.

To get the most out of the tools and information we provide, take the “mini tour” below.

Check in with us often for new blog posts and resources!


The “Mini Tour”

Blog Posts

The latest blog posts are front and center on the Home Page. We address ways to avoid frozen pipes, deter theft and more.

Articles that help investors and property managers understand the safety risks associated with real estate investing are found under the “Landlords, Investors and Managers” menu. The “Renters” menu houses information to help renters understand typical safety risks around the house and how to avoid injuries and property damage.

Looking for a particular subject? Click the search icon in the upper right hand corner to search by keyword.

Property Manager Search

Use our Property Manager Search on the Home Page to compare and contrast PM’s in your selected area. Most PM listings include a link to the PM’s website if you want to learn more about their business model.

Monthly Newsletter

Let us come to you! Our monthly newsletter contains seasonally-relevant content and sometimes you can win stuff when you read it. That’s kind of fun right? Scroll down to the bottom right of the Home Page to sign up.

FREE Resources

The Resource Center houses all kinds of pamphlets, checklists and action plans to help you stay current on property maintenance and warn tenants of dangers around the home. Help them keep their loved ones, their “stuff” and your property, safe. Any resources posted on the site may be printed free of charge. If you would like professionally printed or customized copies, Contact Us for a cost estimate.

Insurance Insiders

Insurance Insiders are articles that speak specifically about common coverage misconceptions and coverage benefits. Insurance can't cover everything, but this head's up can help you develop preventive measures and proactively support positive outcomes.

Discounted Products

Need a gizmo or gadget to help you prevent fires, detect frozen pipes or ban burglars? Visit the Discounted Products section to view a brief review of a product’s use and effectiveness. The blue button at the end of the review will direct you to the manufacturer’s site. Where we can, we will secure ALPS discounts for you. If you try a product and end up loving it, please tell everyone about it in the comments section. Your field test will help us and others know that it's really worth hooting about.

Success Stories

We all benefit when you share your Success Stories with us! Here you can read about lessons learned the hard way or Boy-Scout-like preparedness put into action! Share your story and see if you make it to the wall of fame.


Renters have a space to call their own. Want to understand what the heck is covered in a renters insurance policy? How to keep Fido and Fifi safe during a natural disaster? Maybe find next week’s great casserole recipe that will blow your friends’ minds? This section’s for you!

About Us & Contact Us

We want you to know us. We are people, just like you. Read about the ALPS team and history in the About Us drop down. Pleased to meet you too! Want to ask us a question or order a physical copy of a resource? Simply Contact Us. We’d love to help!



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