The ALPS Team likes to think of themselves as “Force Multipliers” and information aggregators. We solicit and seek advice from seasoned investors, property managers, risk management professionals, engineers, contractors, manufacturers, suppliers and all sorts of safety experts and first responders. We combine that gained knowledge and try to present it in an entertaining fashion.

Let’s face it… risk can be scary and safety isn’t usually a flashy subject. At times we even try to sidestep risk by simply attempting not to think about it. Rather than moving through life fearful of catastrophes around every corner, we can get informed. Then, if we do see something odd or out of place as we do our inspections, select our tenants and live out our daily lives, we will recognize the moment of danger and be well-equipped to act! The ALPS team wants to help you sidestep potential pitfalls so you can spend your time focusing on achieving your goals and enjoying life.



Meet the Team

Rick Abell

Rick Abell is the ALPS Team Leader. Rick is odd in that he likes to read stuff like engineering reports and enjoys playing with numbers. Rick looks for trends and tries to figure out why they go up or down. He’s a real stats nerd who likes to find the facts and rolls-up his sleeves and jumps into data. Rick brings over 20 years of risk management, data analysis, and management experience to the team.

BreAnn Stephenson

BreAnn Stephenson is the ALPS Social Director. She is charged with maintaining all the social media and developing much of the original content on the ALPS website. BreAnn masterfully crafts articles that present the hard realities of managing residential real estate in a more pleasant tone. If you notice that a phrase or sentence in an article rhyme, it’s probably coming from BreAnn's musical background. If you want a follow on Twitter, your best bet is to talk to BreAnn. BreAnn brings over 15 years of insurance and client/customer service experience to the team.

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