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Property Managers, are you looking for new business? Apply to be included in the ALPS Property Manager List!

Be Found. We often field inquiries from investors looking for Property Management options. Investors are looking for quality Property Mangers. The PM Listing is one of the most commonly visited pages on the ALPS website. Our monthly newsletter reaches over 50,000 people in the Real Estate Investing Industry Nationwide.

How Does the Search Work? When an investor plugs in the address of the house they want to have managed the search function pulls up all Property Managers on the list within 50 miles of the address based on your office address.

Applying is Simple. The Property Manager fills-out and signs the Request Form and sends it back to for consideration. (Please allow 24-48 hours for review.)

What is Your Commitment? You agree to support the ALPS mission of preventing avoidable losses. This doesn’t require any monetary commitment on your behalf, but it does require you to properly educate your clients and tenants. Aren’t you doing this already? ALPS is here to assist you by providing educational resources, articles, check lists and discounts on various loss prevention products through our website.

We Hope You Will:

  • Receive and review our monthly newsletter.
  • Check our website regularly for resources and participate in discussions on the site when possible.
  • Use the recommendations provided in the newsletter and website to help prevent losses.
  • Contact us with comments, questions or concerns.
  • Recommend the ALPS newsletter and website to your fellow property managers, investor clients and tenants so they can benefit from Loss Prevention tips and product savings.

How Expensive is this Free Service? Being listed is free.

What Will Your Listing Look Like? We try to personalize each listing using your logo and indicating your specialty. Tell us what you do best. What’s your “tag line”? Want to see a sample listing?

Do I Get to Approve My Listing? Once posted, we will send you a link to review the information in your listing. If we have a phone number or e-mail address wrong, make sure to let us know and we’ll get it corrected.

Will My Listing Expire? No, there is no limit to the life of your listing. Over time we believe that the list will grow. There may be instances where we may have to remove a PM if they prove to not be trustworthy or deserving of our referral. We hope the time never comes, but are not so naïve to believe we wouldn’t be in that position. We have had a couple of PM’s request to be on the list, but after conferring internally we noted they had frequent claim situations which demonstrated an obvious disregard for protecting the value of the property on behalf of their client or the safety of the tenant. As you are in a business that counts on referrals we are sure you appreciate that it would put us in a bad position to list a person or company who had lost our trust. That said, if you stay committed to preventing avoidable losses at the properties you manage, we will enjoy a fruitful partnership for years to come!

Ready to sign up? Fill out this application and e-mail it to to get started!

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