Purqz Discount Program

ALPS Perks – Reward Your Good Tenants

How do you find tenants for your rental properties? Is it an easy process?



Based on the number of companies providing tenant screening services, finding a qualified tenant seems to be quite the challenge. When you do find that good tenant who regularly pays on time, calls when vital repairs need to be made, maybe even handles some minor repairs on their own, having a plan for retaining that ideal tenant is critical to keeping your property protected and your cash flow uninterrupted.

ALPS has teamed up with the National Discount Program provider Purqz to bring you “ALPS Perks.”

This program provides deep discounts not available to the general public at thousands of popular national and local retailers – just for your tenants.

Now available to you at a low annual cost of $10 per rental unit, this program builds loyalty and rewards tenants for timely and consistent rent payments and diligence in caring for your property. It is also being used by many apartment complexes to welcome new tenants.

To find out more Click Here, view the video about Resident Satisfaction and Sign-up for ALPS Perks today!

*Providing ALPS Perks for your Residents (and maybe Employees!) as a gift around the Holidays is an inexpensive way to thank them all year long by saving them money on purchases at participating retailers.

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