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MyMoldDetective (MMD) Testing Kits – Avoid & Mitigate Mold

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Testing for mold is the best way to know if it is really there. Just as importantly, it can also tell you when it is not a problem. Before now, the problem in mold testing has been the high cost with hiring a professional. MyMoldDetective is a cost-effective testing system that can be conducted without any expensive specialized training.

The battery powered air sampling pump that comes with 2 starter cassettes is available for $59.97 MSRP (read on for discounts!). This pump is pre-calibrated and comes with a self-contained battery that can be used to conduct up to 100 samples.

The cassette is placed into the pump holder and with the simple push of a single button, the proper time and flow for the test will occur.

The best practice is to take digital photographs where testing is conducted. The photos can be uploaded with your registration information and allows for a more customized and professional report.

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An additional tape lift is also supplied with the starter kit to test any surface with visible mold. This is used to identify mold visible on surfaces. The air cassettes measure mold floating in the air.

After taking the samples, you can go on line and register them. The name and contact information will need to be entered, including the property location where each sample was taken.  Cassettes are identified on the form by the unique code on each one. The samples are then placed into the provided pre-addressed envelope and sent to the lab.

The testing kit comes with easy to follow directions with photographs of each step in the testing process. Lab fees can be as low as $35.00 per sample. Additional cassettes are available at a cost of $5.97 each (contains 3 cassettes).

Each client is provided with a complete lab report reviewed by a Testall Mold Analyst. These experts are available by phone and can answer your questions. They will also assist you with advice if, based upon test results, any further action is required.

The Best Times to Conduct a MyMoldDetective Test

Real estate agent shaking hands with new property ownersMold testing should be a standard practice when turning an apartment.

This is a great time to get a baseline. If the mold is elevated, the cause can be corrected prior to occupancy and without other tenants becoming aware of potential problems. This can also avoid the new tenant claiming that a problem existed when they moved into the unit, but it was hidden by fresh paint. The pre-occupancy testing can also help determine if tenant activity created or contributed to elevated mold conditions.

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Automatically test when a tenant mold or health issue arises.

Have a system that provides a quick, reliable and confidential method for you to find out the extent or source of problems while minimizing cost, potential rumors and tenant involvement. Issues can be best addressed promptly and effectively if the real conditions are known. In most instances, if there are elevated mold conditions, the sooner they are addressed, the better the outcome.

If this is one of the cases where the mold level is acceptable, working with tenants to resolve the concerns early may be better for all parties and afford the tenant insight as to identifying other causes of their health concerns.

Water Damage - 11-30-16

Routinely sample for mold after a water loss.

When you establish baseline testing during unit turnover and also after a loss, it becomes easier prove a mold-elevated concern is related to the water loss. If the mold level increases after the loss, it makes sense that the mold level is consequential to the loss. Simply put, it can be the difference in establishing who’s at fault for a mold condition relating to the loss.


Home Remodeler - 11-30-16

Test after every major construction project.

As any property manager, owner or other administrator knows, many things can go wrong during construction. It can start with the delivery of moldy materials to the site and end with the last nail to hang a picture puncturing a pipe. Mold testing at the end of a construction project can save headaches down the road.


MyMoldDetective IN A NUTSHELL:

  • It is now simple and inexpensive to conduct testing
  • Testing can be discreet and in your control
  • The third party TestAll Mold Analysts provide support for your team
  • It can be an additional tool in your risk management and loss prevention toolbox
  • It can pinpoint tenant-created mold contaminations
  • It can avoid disputes and identify “best paths” forward

Adding MyMoldDetective testing to your arsenal of business tools is a cost-effective approach to minimizing costly mold problems.

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