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Real-time data and analytics for investment properties.


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Running a loss prevention company I am often asked to evaluate a property in a town far away that I’m not at all familiar with. I can look at pictures on Google, but sometimes those pictures are several years old. Pictures on a realtor site only show me what they want me to see, not what I need to see so I know what’s going on in that neighborhood.

RISC Summary Report
Portion of the RISC Report – Summary

About three years ago I decided to try RentFax to help me make risk management decisions on properties insured all over the United States. I wanted a product that I could share with investors so they could go out and run their own reports and understand the upside and the downside of the areas they were investing. RentFax combines information derived from multiple sources, such as occupancy rate, education, income and crime, and assimilates it into a simple score on a continuum from 1 to 100. The higher the score, the better the investment risk.


I’ve had the opportunity to talk to many investors about this product. One investor was living in California and wanted to purchase a property in the Cleveland, Ohio area. They had been provided three properties to look at by a local realtor. The pictures provided by the realtor of the exterior and interior of the houses were nice and indicated the properties were recently renovated and clean. But which house was the best to choose as an investment property?


Finding a property that fits your business model is critical to your success. Planning ahead and getting the data you need to make informed decisions are non-negotiable steps along that path. But how do you get the data you need? RentFax provides a wide scope of information through a variety of reports to help you predict the success of your potential (or even current!) investment property.

Types of RentFax ReportsQuestions that RentFax can answer through their various reports:

  • What’s the neighborhood like? See the RISC Report (The report I use often.)
  • What kind of rent can I charge and realistically expect for this property? See the Rent Report.
  • What is the average vacancy rate for similar properties, so I can budget properly in the event of a vacancy? See the Vacancy Report.
  • The Rent Package includes the RISC Detail, Rent Report & Vacancy Report
  • What should my budget and income expectations be for this property? Use the Proforma and Income Packages.


Want to take a look at sample reports or hear directly from RentFax about what they do and how they do it? Visit their website, but make sure you use our link. ( If you end up registering, you will get 10% off for the life of your account. And we definitely don’t want you to miss out on that!

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To get a feel for how the scoring system works:

  1. Register at
  2. Receive 5 free credits (Enough to run two RISC Summary reports or one full Rent Package Report)
  3. No credit card needed to register, no commitment for future purchases
  4. Run a couple of RISC Detail Reports on properties that you know really well and compare them

Yep, there’s more… Once you register through the above link you’re already set to receive a 10% discount for the life of your RentFax account. Score!

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