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StoveTop FireStop offers a great additional layer of protection against kitchen fires in your rentals.


Product Demonstration

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Our Experience


With everything going on in our lives from kids to pets to TV to our smartphones, it’s become even easier for us to get distracted. Are you reading this review and doing something else at the same time??

Have you ever:

  • Left a hot pot on the stove until it boils over?
  • Let the grease get so hot it started to smoke?
  • Evaporated all the water in your pan?
  • Burnt your butter past the point of no return?

Any of these all-too-common situations could lead to a fire in seconds. If we are in the kitchen and know how to react, there might be a chance that we can get that fire out. If we are in another room, our eyes are engaged in TV or we simply don’t react properly, there could be a serious, in fact, potentially fatal, issue.

StoveTop FireStop is not intended to be the first layer of protection against a kitchen fire, but if installed properly it is intended to help put out a fire occurring on the stove and alert people that they need to take action.

The "Rangehood" Installed.
The “Rangehood” Installed.


First you have to have the right product and mount it at the proper height: most stoves with a range hood can use the original “Rangehood” model, but if you have a microwave oven/range hood combo you need to get the “Microhood” or “Plus LC” product. The container has to be a certain distance from the stove for the extinguishing powder to disperse evenly over the fire. As always, follow the manufacturer’s instructions for installation so that your StoveTop Firestop product will work effectively.


When properly installed StoveTop FireStop is positioned above the stove. If a pot or pan ignites the flames have to touch off a small fuse on the bottom of the container. When this small fuse is lit by the stove top fire it causes a small explosion and two things happen:

  • The bottom of the container is opened up to allow the extinguishing powder to drop onto the cooking surface and extinguish the fire.
  • The loud “pop” from the explosion alerts the distracted cooker so they can return to the kitchen to turn off the power to the stove.


Yes, there is a small explosive charge in this product, that’s what makes it work, but just enough to cause the foil like bottom to open and make a noise. It’s less like a firecracker and more like a “party popper”. This product is going to be shipped to you and don’t’ think for a second that UPS or the Post Office is going to allow the manufacturer to ship anything harmful through their service. And we wouldn’t allow that either!


No, there is no battery involved. The small explosion is what causes the canister to open and then gravity takes over and the powder falls on the stove, putting out the fire.

Plus Three Photos Putting Fire Out - 9-23-16THAT POWDER MUST GO EVERYWHERE… WHAT A MESS!

Yes, the powder can go everywhere and cause a mess, but it should fall primarily on the stove top and pans that are on fire below it. When the fire is out clean-up can be done with a shop-vac. Seems a lot better than having to tear out burnt cabinets and scrub and repaint ceilings… not to mention other fire damage or water damage caused by the fire department trying to put the fire out.


I live in Overland Park, Kansas and as part of our research I went out and visited with my local fire department to ask about fire prevention. As part of a fire prevention initiative this fire department isolated two apartment complexes that had numerous calls to the fire department over a period of time. Each complex was provided enough StoveTop FireStop to install in each of their apartment units. As fate would have it about a month later a fire was reported at one of the complexes. When the fire department arrived they found a stove top fire that had been extinguished by the StoveTop FireStop they provided with little to no damage to the apartment unit. The stuff works!


Well, the property management didn’t do a very good job of getting the StoveTop FireStop installed in their apartment units. Unfortunately there was also a stove top fire in that complex. As a ten unit apartment building was destroyed the StoveTop FireStop sat in a storage closet. If you don’t believe me you can go to the Overland Park, Kansas Fire Department’s 2014 Annual Report and read a “A Tale of Two Fires”. Moral of the story? Again, the stuff works…but only if you use it properly!


Fires are the most costly losses we see and kitchen fires are the most common fires. Even if the fire is contained in the kitchen, smoke damage will still affect the rest of the house. If the fire is not contained… we can only hope everyone is able to get out of the house alive. Using StoveTop FireStop can reduce the severity and cost of a kitchen fire. It can save thousands and potentially, a life.

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Added Insurance Benefit

For NREIG clients that purchase and install the StoveTop FireStop product, they offer a discount on property insurance costs. Also, should one of your StoveTop FireStop devices deploy to extinguish a fire, NREIG will reduce your deductible. Contact your Client Service Team for details.

Have you benefited from using StoveTop FireStop products? Please share your experience in the comments section below!


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