TattleTale Alarms

Tattletale Portable Alarms

Unbeatable Portable Cellular Security

No cell charges. No contracts.                                Secure your vacant and renovation properties on your terms.



Product Demonstration

(Though the video states you can add up to 50 sensors, current units can connect even more – see below!)

Our Experience

If you have properties that are undergoing renovations or are vacant, this system is a great addition to your security strategy. Though the Tattletale alarm system has many features critical to ALPS making a recommendation, we’ll list just a few below:

  • The system is portable. You can move it from house to house as your investment property is sold, vacated or undergoing renovations between renters or buyers. If you buy one for your personal use you can take it with you in the event you move and some people even use it at hotels when they travel.
  • The system uses cellular technology. The other systems we investigated require a live phone line or WI-Fi connection. You aren’t paying for internet access to your vacant home are you? With this alarm, you don’t have to.
  • No contracts. If you desire to purchase monitoring there are a couple of options, but you pay on a month-to-month basis, so there are no multi-year commitments.
  • Battery back-up. The on-board battery gives you 20 hours of protection even when the power goes out, is disrupted or the lines are cut.
  • Use the base system on a stand-alone basis or add as many as 95 wireless sensors.
  • Easy set-up. It takes about two minutes to set-up out of the box.
  • There is also a “High Performance” model that is more suitable for larger construction sites and commercial applications.

     Rick ordered a system for his house:

I was impressed with the easy set-up, how quickly I received mine (2 days), and they actually followed-up with me by phone a few days later to see if I had any questions or concerns. Pretty strong customer support for a product that seemed so easy to use.

TattleTale Back of Box - 7-7-16 TattleTale Unboxing - 7-7-16 TattleTale Fresh Out of the Box - 7-7-16

Ordering & Savings

ALPS has negotiated a 10% savings off all Tattletale base units and sensorsUse Coupon Code: ALPS-TT


TattleTale Home Unit
The Home Unit.

Home Unit

  • Geared toward smaller applications like single-family homes
  • Use up to 95 sensors
  • Base unit signal up to 300 feet
  • Motion detector has 30′ range
  • Warning strobe
  • 95 dB Siren & 20 hour battery back-up

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High-Performance TattleTale
The High-Performance Unit.


High-Performance Unit

  • Built for construction sites, larger buildings & commercial use
  • Use up to 500 sensors
  • Base unit signal up to 2000 feet
  • Motion detector has 35′ range
  • Warning strobe
  • 115dB Siren & 24+ hour battery back-up
  • Supports up to 125 individual users

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Added Insurance Benefit

NREIG clients that purchase, install, and activate the Tattletale alarm system will receive a discount on their property insurance costs. Additionally, should one of your properties sustain an attempted theft that deployed the Tattletale alarm system, NREIG will reduce your deductible. Contact your Client Service Team for details.

Do you have a Tattletale? Please share your experience in the comments section below!


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