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The Latest Cyber Threat – Stealing Your House

Wall Street Journal Banner Photo - 11-10-16A recent trend of online record keeping in the real estate industry has produced unintended consequences.

According to the Wall Street Journal, deed fraud, what the FBI calls house stealing, is reaching epidemic levels caused by a proliferation of online records.

In fact, in New York City it’s possible to view online copies of deeds, mortgages and other documents, which often include owners’ signatures, primary addresses, emails and phone numbers, lawyers’ names, the amount of the mortgage and whether there are liens on the property.

Scammers easily find corresponding birth dates and social security numbers and then use all that information to impersonate the owner and create a new fake deed, then sell the house at a bargain price and transfer the property to the unsuspecting buyers.

Don’t believe it? Just Google “Stealing Your House and Wall Street Journal”


Property Ownership is at Risk

Some properties are more vulnerable due to circumstances, take this story for instance. Going through a divorce, a couple in Maryland moved out of their Prince Georges County townhouse but would occasionally come to check on it. One of those times the key wouldn’t work in the locks and a woman answered the doorbell who said she was renting the property from the owner.

According to ABC News, the scammer had “used blank deeds, adding her name as the new owner, a fake notary seal and a bogus lawyer signature. She then simply walked into the county records department to officially enter that counterfeit into the public record”, took possession, changed the locks and rented it out.

Amazing Right? Google: Stealing 6 houses and ABC


Carry Back Finanacing

In today’s tight credit market, suppose you are a homeowner and are asked by a scammer to sell your home through Carry Back financing. You get a nice down payment and a better interest rate than you would get at any bank.

But suppose the same scammer, after several months of making regular payments, forges a document that says the note is paid in full and turns around and sells the property to somebody else. Perhaps he even continues to make payments for a few more times to let the new owners settle in to their new home. Then the payments suddenly stop, the scammer is long gone and you now have residents in the home that you both think you own.

Don’t believe it? Just Google Owner Financing Scam


California Dept. of Real Estate Wayne S. Bell (Chief Counsel) made this comment, “Deed Fraud seems to be ever growing, and it can scam you out of your home or any other property you own. As discussed in this alert, such fraud can be perpetrated against any property. You need to be proactive, stay informed about the status of your property title and records…property owners should periodically check “title” to their property.”

Title Lock Home Fraud Monitoring and Alert ServiceA TITLE FRAUD MONITORING & ALERT SERVICE IS HERE

Title Lock Corporation is a nationwide service that monitors your property for any fraudulent, mistaken or otherwise illegitimate filings that could affect your property ownership.

What Title Lock will do:

  • Home Title Lock alerts you if someone may be trying to scam you out of your home.
  • Plus FREE history of the title to your property.
  • Plus FREE recording of Affidavit & Notice of False Filing (a valuable tool in case of fraud)
  • Plus 100% Money Back Guarantee if you cancel within the first 60 days.

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