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Why Follow Our Advice

9 months after launching our website and publishing a monthly newsletter we wanted to share a few items that we have learned and answer a few questions that often come up. I’d also like to highlight an upcoming series centered on understanding what isn’t covered by insurance. We are excited to share this new series with you – find out more in just a few paragraphs!


By Rick Abell

Who is ALPS?

Affinity Loss Prevention Services (ALPS) is your source for finding out how to avoid a loss. We provide articles, checklists, access to discounted products and a place to ask questions and provide feedback.

While we are associated with National Real Estate Insurance Group (NREIG), ALPS does not sell insurance. However, if you are looking for a great insurance program, we will be happy to connect you! If you have questions about your insurance through NREIG we will certainly connect you with your CSR. Most of what we do is try to provide advice so you don’t have a loss at your investment property.

How does ALPS make money?

ALPS is funded by NRIEG. Our mission is to get Investors and Property Managers to use the loss prevention solutions on our site. If you follow our advice and use the products we review on our site, we hope you will be able to avoid a loss. If you avoid a loss, it prevents a claim. This helps to keep rates stable and as an additional bonus, fewer losses mean fewer injuries to tenants. While a house burned in a fire can be rebuilt, people cannot be replaced. If losses are avoided, we all win.

Do you sell the products reviewed on your site?

Though we try to negotiate discounts on the loss prevention products on our site when we can, we don’t profit on sales of those products. Instead, we prefer to pass those discounts on to you because we want you to use the products. Sometimes NREIG can provide a discount on property insurance costs when you use these products. See more below and on our site!

How do you accomplish your mission?

One way we work to avoid preventable losses is by talking with Investors and Property Managers. We listen for pain and success and then share the experience in articles published in our newsletter and on our site.

Introducing: The “It’s Not Covered” Series

While insurance policies are probably not the most popular item on your reading list, it is critical to understand what is covered and what is not. Knowing what is not covered allows you to take proactive steps to prevent losses where you will bear the full weight of the expense. To have your property damaged by an event you could have prevented is frustrating, but suffering a preventable loss and then finding out the loss is not covered is doubly painful, and, could potentially take you out of business.

ALPS is developing a series of articles that will be on our site under the “Insurance Insider’s” section. Each month our newsletter will contain links to articles entitled “It’s Not Covered”. Some of the topics are very basic and you may find yourself wondering, “Who doesn’t know this?”, but if we are writing about a particular exclusion, it’s because someone has reported a loss of that nature thinking it would be covered. Our goal is to deliver easy-to-digest content to help you avoid such losses. Hopefully you will find these quick reads to be educational, and maybe even entertaining. You can read the first installment, “It’s Not Covered: Tenant Damage” HERE.

Since you are reading our newsletter, you have probably sidestepped some of the “not covered” items. Be sure to share ALPS with your friends and colleagues, so they can be as informed as you. If you have questions or solutions that you have used in your business, please feel free to post them in the comments section of the post or contact us at While we want to share your questions, so everybody benefits, we’ll always keep your identity confidential so you don’t have to worry about your question being “judged”.  We hope that you will find the “It’s Not Covered” series informative.

Where do you get your information from?

As we are connected to an insurance program, we have ample opportunity to analyze claims. We dissect the cause of every claim and try to figure out how it could have been prevented. Then we review historical claims information to identify trends. From those trends we develop materials such as the Your Safe Home brochure or identify methods or products that can help protect you against the most common or severe types of preventable losses.

One example: We saw that kitchen fires were causing many fires in insured properties. Then we spoke with our local fire department and discussed how these fires could be prevented. We found a manufacturer with a product called StoveTop FireStop, designed to put out cooking fires and negotiated discounted pricing and free shipping. You can now order this product online directly from the manufacturer using the ALPS discount code for less than you can get it at a big box store. NREIG clients, speak to your Client Service Representative about how to activate a discount on your property insurance cost when you’ve installed StoveTop FireStop products.

Loss Prevention Products currently available on through the ALPS website:

  • StoveTop FireStop: Stop Kitchen Fires. Get a discount on the product, have it shipped to you for free and get a discount on your property insurance through NREIG.
  • Armor Concepts – Door Armor: Reinforce your doors against “kick-ins”. Get a discount on the product and get a discount on your property insurance through NREIG.
  • TattleTale Alarms: Get a portable alarm to help protect your vacant or remodel and get a discount on the system and a discount on your property insurance through NREIG.
  • RentFax: What’s the probability of your investment property being a successful investment? Get a RISC report and find out before you buy! First Report is Free and get discounts off additional report purchases.
  • MyMoldDetective: Check for mold in your prospective property before Get discounts on the MyMoldDetective testing device.
  • Title Lock: You’ve heard of identity theft. Have you heard about title theft? Protect yourself and get a discount on monitoring services.
  • ALPS Perks: Need an inexpensive way to reward your best tenants? Try ALPS Perks, a Restaurant/Retail discount program often provided to new tenants by large apartment complexes in welcome kits.


Why Give Us Two Minutes of Your Time Each Month?    

Much like real estate investing forums, we are here to help you succeed in your real estate investing business. We specifically know a thing or two about how to prevent disasters from happening at your property and which ones you will be most likely to experience. Our goal is to save you time and money, to keep unnecessary stress at bay, and to help you keep your RE business humming along smoothly. No one ever has enough hours in the day, but it is our hope that your two, or ten, or even thirty minutes spent engaging with us each month will save you from losing days, weeks or months to damage at your property. As always, thanks for your readership and our best to your investing!

What is your favorite feature of the ALPS website? Please let us know in the comments below!

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